Kaweco Tridem slurry tanker

Kaweco Tridem slurry tanker

Author(s): Acid_Burn84 , Arnold , Tymo, Outlaw

Download .exe (File-Upload.net)


3 Responses to Kaweco Tridem slurry tanker

  1. keelan says:

    Hi, am using the LS 2008 are there any downloads for this or will the 2009 downloads work with it.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. templaer says:

    No these mods will only work with LS 2009. But if you haven’t purchased it already I can highly recommend LS 2009. It’s a lot better than LS 2008

  3. Manu says:

    Hi, i use ls 2009. I have download this add-on. I find it into the buy list and i can buy it. But the problem, i can not to use the spray, i push on “B” but nothing happens. Can i fill the trailer before use it or something is needed before using?
    I have the same problem with other sprayer (add-on) but not with the original

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